Equipment failure and avalanche danger

The last days have been going ok, despite that we have to plow our way through the fresh snow that has fallen the last days. The biggest problem that has happened is that one of the ski bindings of Jan’s skis suffered a catastrophic failure, it ripped right of the ski itself! The probable cause … Continue reading Equipment failure and avalanche danger

Kautokeino next

The days in Narvik have been perfect, fantastic food and friendly people everywhere. We got a 6 course dinner at the best restaurant in town (Linken Restaurant), made by a chef with sami heritage. This was fitting celebration to our achievement of going from Sulitjelma to Bjørnfjell on the Norwegian side of the border. We … Continue reading Kautokeino next

Aurora galore

After Gautelishytta, we stayed one night at Cáihnavággi, but we were not so amazed by this cabin. Unfortunately, this cabin is a bit worn out and lacks any cosines and “soul”. So, we hurried on to the next cabin; Cunojávri, a nice and old cabin with a lot of charm and cosines, situated in a … Continue reading Aurora galore

English tea and Belgian waffles

From Skoaddejávri we took the short trip onwards to the DNT cabin Gautelishytta. This cabin is also charming and nicely placed right next to a big lake. To our amazement there were people here! We have not seen any people for almost a month! (If you don’t count Sørfjorden where we resupplied). What was more … Continue reading English tea and Belgian waffles

Skoaddejávri – cabin in the sky

After many days of difficult terrain, taking the long route rather than the shortcuts, just to avoid the Swedish border, we arrived at Skoaddejávri late at night. This is as DNT cabin that sits at 1002 meters above sea level and has a nice view all around. From here you can see right in to … Continue reading Skoaddejávri – cabin in the sky

1-year anniversary!

We have now arrived at a place called Sørfjorden. This is 2/3 through this hard leg of our journey and we have arranged to have a resupply of food here. As luck would have it, a Norwegian power Company (Nordkraft) is building a windmill park here, and they were more than happy to help us … Continue reading 1-year anniversary!