Skoaddejávri – cabin in the sky

After many days of difficult terrain, taking the long route rather than the shortcuts, just to avoid the Swedish border, we arrived at Skoaddejávri late at night. This is as DNT cabin that sits at 1002 meters above sea level and has a nice view all around. From here you can see right in to … Continue reading Skoaddejávri – cabin in the sky

Manhood challenge from hell

Most people who are crossing the length of Norway at this time of year, usually take the route via Sweden, bypassing the entire bit of Norwegian terrain between Sulitjelma and Narvik. The reason is simple, even in the summer, staying on the Norwegian side of the border is a big challenge because of the difficult … Continue reading Manhood challenge from hell

Polar circle and blizzard

After a few days rest at the DNT cabin “Bolnastua”, we continued our journey northward, passing into “Saltfjellet” national park and also crossing the polar circle! A new milestone achievement! If you follow the marked path into Saltfjellet, you will get to small hut right at the polar circle, where you also will find a … Continue reading Polar circle and blizzard

Snøhetta mountain peak

After walking for almost a week with over 35 kg in our backpacks, we decided to take a day of and stay at Åmotdalshytta (a self-serviced DNT cabin). This cabin is situated at the base of Snøhetta, Norway’s highest peak outside the area of Jutunheimen. The weather was good so we decided to hike up … Continue reading Snøhetta mountain peak


After several days of walking, we have reached Dovrefjell national park. This is a marvelous place, with wide and flat valleys everywhere. The paths here are well used and the terrain makes it a very easy place to hike around in. Dovrefjell is also home to a large group of muskoxen and if you are … Continue reading Dovrefjell