Kautokeino next

The days in Narvik have been perfect, fantastic food and friendly people everywhere. We got a 6 course dinner at the best restaurant in town (Linken Restaurant), made by a chef with sami heritage. This was fitting celebration to our achievement of going from Sulitjelma to Bjørnfjell on the Norwegian side of the border.
We have now taken the train back to Bjørnfjell and will now continue towards our next goal, which is Kautokeino. We have taken with us supplies for 25 days and are hoping to arrive within that timeframe. The weather has changed the last couple of days, bringing snow and high temperatures. This has brought with it the danger of avalanches, so we have to stay alert in the time to come…

Not far from one of our main goals


A perfect 6 cource dinner


Narvik by night and a lot of snow



Hotel breakfast is just the best!



Beautiful scenery along the Ofoten Railway (Ofotbanen)



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