After many days with clear weather and freezing temperatures, the weather changed abruptly and the first blizzard (named Ylva) for the season has arrived. Have we had our winter equipment, this would just have been a fun challenge for us. Since we don’t have the right gear for this kind of event, we decided to … Continue reading Blizzard

Winter Wonderland

Just after we passed in to the north of Norway, the weather cleared up, bringing with it really cold temperatures. Each evening and night the temperature plummets to -20°C. When it gets this cold everything starts acting weird, all the equipment and clothing starts getting brittle and you have to take care to not break … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Broken equipment

During a long trip like this you will wear out or break equipment. This is natural and expected because of the long usage time. What is not expected, is equipment breaking after a short period of time, for now good reason. Today the aluminium frame of Jan’s backpack broke during a casual walk. No abnormal … Continue reading Broken equipment