Rago national park

After many days in this wilderness and unforgiven terrain we have entered Rago national park. This is one of the smallest national parks in Norway, and it probably is one of the least accessible parks also. The positive thing for us, is that here you will find the only hut in several miles radius. A … Continue reading Rago national park

Manhood challenge from hell

Most people who are crossing the length of Norway at this time of year, usually take the route via Sweden, bypassing the entire bit of Norwegian terrain between Sulitjelma and Narvik. The reason is simple, even in the summer, staying on the Norwegian side of the border is a big challenge because of the difficult … Continue reading Manhood challenge from hell

Arrival Sulitjelma!

Battling some days of heavy winds, but also some days with awesome weather, we have finally have arrived at Sulitjelma. This is a small town that was a booming mining town back in the days. This is in fact the third mining town we have visited during our trip so far. Unlike the other mining … Continue reading Arrival Sulitjelma!