1-year anniversary!

We have now arrived at a place called Sørfjorden. This is 2/3 through this hard leg of our journey and we have arranged to have a resupply of food here. As luck would have it, a Norwegian power Company (Nordkraft) is building a windmill park here, and they were more than happy to help us transporting our supplies to this remote place. Not only that, today we can celebrate being 1 year on our trip! So, we also kindly asked the people from the power company to buy some fresh food and extra snacks for us to celebrate this occasion. At this place there is also a small and cosy hut where we will stay a few days before continuing.

Amazing view towards Lofoten and Vesterålen
Arrival at the hut at Brynvatn, above Sørfjorden

Time to celebrate!

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