Staying at Norway’s coolest cabin

Before we head directly to Songnefjorden, where we have our kayaks are stored, we are going to cross Hallingskarvet, one of Europe’s largest mountain plateaus. We are now staying at a cabin called Skarvereiret (Translated it would mean the Cormorants nest), which is placed on top of a 150 meter high cliff, overlooking Hardangervidda and … Continue reading Staying at Norway’s coolest cabin

Crossing Hardangervidda national park

We have now crossed Hardangervidda national park and the last couple of days have been really great. The weather has been nice and we experienced a weather phenomenon called halo. Halo is a phenomenon where you get vertical rainbow, but it is not a rainbow, since there is no rain. But the light interacts with … Continue reading Crossing Hardangervidda national park