Going north

It’s been many months since we really made any progress northwards, but now we are walking straight north and making good progress. The weather is relatively good and we can’t complain much since it’s late autumn and things could be much worse. The winter showed itself for a day or two, but the snow disappeared … Continue reading Going north

Interview and great food

We are now camping just a few hundred meters from the border to Sweden. On this soon to be crowning achievement, two journalists are joining us for two days. These are not the local newspaper journalists, but they are from the most renowned newspaper in Norway; Dagens Næringsliv. They are making a story for their … Continue reading Interview and great food

UFO’s and great friends

In a remote valley in Norway there is a world leading science project going on. For many decades there have been sightings of unexplained lights throughout the valley of Hessdalen. In 1983 a science project was established to look in to these strange phenomenon’s and since then there have been hundreds of documented sightings (both … Continue reading UFO’s and great friends

Forolhogna national park

Norway still has surprises for us and this time it’s a national park that we did not know about. Not as mystical and special as Knutshø, but still it’s an amazing place with many of the same features as Knutshø. We have not seen any wild reindeer for the last weeks that we have been … Continue reading Forolhogna national park