Equipment failure and avalanche danger

The last days have been going ok, despite that we have to plow our way through the fresh snow that has fallen the last days. The biggest problem that has happened is that one of the ski bindings of Jan’s skis suffered a catastrophic failure, it ripped right of the ski itself! The probable cause is just all the hardship the equipment has been through the last couple of months. When such a thing happens out in the wilderness, it is good to have some duct tape with you. We just taped the boot to the skis and carried on to the nearest place we could find people. As luck would have it we met a friendly family at a cabin, just asking for the best way to get to the nearest town to fix our problem, and they just took us home with them! We stayed at their home for two nights and could use their car to drive into the town of Setermoen, where there was a sports shop that could help us. People in the north are just so super friendly and helpful it’s beyond belief.

After the two days staying with the super friendly family, we went back to where we broke off and continued our journey. But because of the avalanche danger, we had to take a long route around a mountain pass that we originally had planned to go over. This took us two extra days, waking besides the E6 road in terrible snow conditions. But after a total of 4 days we finally arrived at Altevatn and checked in to the cabin Altevasshytta, ready for Easter!


Plowing our way
The beautiful mountains hide the real danger of avalaches
Well, this is a problem…
The binding ripped right of the ski

The place where we stayed for two nights while fixing jan’s skis
Taking the long way round the mountain
Arrival at Altevasshytta

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