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Just a normal volleyball currently living in Norway. Working as the personal manager for a Norwegian DJ and lately I have also taken on the task of project manager for a 15 month long expedition (Read more below).



This blog

On this blog you can read about my everyday life here in Norway. I have found my love for the Norwegian wilderness and therefore most content will be outdoor related stuff. In 2017 I started on a 15-month long expedition through Norway. This will give me a vast knowledge and experience using a wide range of outdoor equipment. I will post these experiences as reviews and tests on this blog, so that other people (and volleyballs) can utilize this knowledge for their own outdoor purpose. During the trip we will also consume a huge amount of freeze dried food, and we have ordered almost every brand that is available on the Norwegian market. We will review all of these and I will also post the results here. It is also important to know that this blog and the expedition is not sponsored in any way. Everything here is based on my own honest opinion. 

The expedition

In 2015 my roommate (Jan) and his friend Anders, started preparations and planning for a 15-month long expedition. The plan was to cross Norway from the south to the north and also cross from west to east. The trip was planned so that the path would touch all the extreme points of the mainland of Norway. I got appointed expedition leader because of my awesome communicative and organisational skills. I also have a long experience dealing with eccentric people in difficult situations.

The trip would be comprised of 4 parts, with different means of transportation. The first part would be with ski and pulk. We start at the southernmost end of Norway (Lindesnes) and from there go to Aurlandsvangen in Sognefjorden. In Aurlandsvangen we switch to kayaks and go paddling the whole length of Sognefjorden (the world’s longest ice-free fjord). From there we paddle up the west coast and past West Cape, until we finally end up far inland at a place called Eikesdalen. There we start part three of our journey, walking eastwards till we touch the Swedish border and then continue north until winter sets in. We then start the final part, going by ski and pulk to both the northern and easternmost end of Norway.

The trip started 2. Of March 2017 and will be finished sometime in May 2018.

The trip is also not sponsored, which means that we have bought everything ourselves. This way we can use the equipment that we find the best for a particular task and we can also be completely honest if we find something to be crap. Something that I find important when I’m going to post reviews of the equipment we are using.