Aurora galore

After Gautelishytta, we stayed one night at Cáihnavággi, but we were not so amazed by this cabin. Unfortunately, this cabin is a bit worn out and lacks any cosines and “soul”. So, we hurried on to the next cabin; Cunojávri, a nice and old cabin with a lot of charm and cosines, situated in a broad and flat valley. The valley is also north-south oriented, perfect for seeing the northern lights, since you then have no mountains towards the north. That same night we experienced the most amazing aurora that we had on this trip. The whole sky was just a dancing array of greenish waves of light. At some point you could even see some of the other colours that the aurora can have. What an amazing night and we topped it off with another homemade bread!

Staying in the emergency cabin at Cáihnavággi

Arriving at Cunojávri
The main cabin during sunset
Many routes in all directions from here
The northern lights early in the evening and we thought this was awsome…

Late in the evening the sky went ablaze!

Homemade bread, naan style

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