Fellowship of the path

The day after the amazing aurora, we originally where planning on going to the next hut (Oallavagge). But just as we were leaving, a guy came skiing towards Cunojávri. We greeted him and started talking about what he and we were doing in the area. To our surprize he (Jurgen) was doing the same thing as us, going across the length of Norway and only on the Norwegian side of the border! Since we were going in opposing directions, we used over two hours to exchange information about the routes that we had done. This way we all could benefit from first-hand information about the best route to take. Since we all were of the same breed when it comes to the outdoors, we all decided to stay one more night at Cunojávri. It was really nice talking to a fellow comrade with the same interests. The next day we said farewell to both him and the Belgian tour group that we have been going along with for the last three days. We hope everyone enjoyed their stay at this wonderful place!

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