Skoaddejávri – cabin in the sky

After many days of difficult terrain, taking the long route rather than the shortcuts, just to avoid the Swedish border, we arrived at Skoaddejávri late at night. This is as DNT cabin that sits at 1002 meters above sea level and has a nice view all around. From here you can see right in to Sweden and admire some of the mountains that they have there. Since we have been on the move for so many days now, we decided to take a 3-days rest here to regain our strength. A small lake is situated right in front of the cabin, where there should be good fishing. Anders therefor took some time doing some ice fishing and me and Jan took a short hike to the mountain peak right behind the cabin. These cabins are well equipped, but they do not have an oven. But with some ingenuity, we made homemade bread each night and nothing beats freshly baked bread with A LOT of butter!

The aurora showing itself again

Amazing light during sunset
Making bread with minimal equipment at hand

This is just the best!

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