Part 3 of our amazing journey

We have had a fantastic week in Eikesdalen, pizza, cake and friends is always a good recipe for a good time. Our time here is now over and we have started on our third part of our amazing and wonderful journey through Norway. From Eikesdalen we will walk by foot, until the winter comes along. … Continue reading Part 3 of our amazing journey

Nice people and jumping

After dragging our kayaks by road for a day, we found a nice camp spot near the lake to stay for some days. People are really nice around her and they let us use their barbecue hut while we stayed there. We also took time to hike up the mountain Goksøyra, so that Anders could … Continue reading Nice people and jumping

Glorious sunrise: Video

Today me and Jan decided to walk Romsdalseggen and then find a spot to film the sunrise over the Troll wall. Jan packed up 25 kg of gear and set of on a trip that would take 10 hours and 16 km to complete. To be able to film the sunrise, we had to sleep … Continue reading Glorious sunrise: Video