English tea and Belgian waffles

From Skoaddejávri we took the short trip onwards to the DNT cabin Gautelishytta. This cabin is also charming and nicely placed right next to a big lake. To our amazement there were people here! We have not seen any people for almost a month! (If you don’t count Sørfjorden where we resupplied). What was more intriguing, was that they all three where British and have been doing winter trips in Norway for over 20 years. Bridget, Geoffrey and Jonathan did the perfect British thing and offered us tea right away and since we all love tea, this was just the perfect way of arriving here.

To top everything of, just an hour later, a group of Belgians arrived at the cabin. They were part of an adventure tour, lea by the nice guy Pieter. They did not offer us Belgian waffles, but they were a lovely bunch and since they were going the same rout as us, we socialized a bit over the next days.

Still walking on regulated lakes. This almost looks like a submarine has come up through the ice

Arrival of the Belgians
Clear sky above Gautlishytta

Me and Obelix relaxing outside
You can take many routes from Gautelishytta

Obelix is always the center of attention

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