Fresher than fresh

In these parts of Norway there are vast distances of terrain and nature without any people at all. But in between you will find small places where people live all by themselves. One of these places is Mollisjok. No electricity or connection to the main roads, they live a nice and quite life. They offer … Continue reading Fresher than fresh

Reindeer herding

We are well on our way towards Nordkapp and everywhere we go we can see signs of the Sami people moving their herds of reindeer from their winter pastures towards the coast and the summer pastures. Some herds are not that big, but some herds can contain many thousands of reindeer. Check the video link … Continue reading Reindeer herding

Three-Country Cairn

Another week and another milestone achievement we can be proud of. We are now so far north tjat we are at the border junction between both Finland, Sweden and Norway. Yesterday we checked in at the cabin Goldahytta, which is situated 3 km from where the borders meet. A perfect place to take a day … Continue reading Three-Country Cairn

Cinnamon rolls

Easter is over and we are continuing our journey towards Kautokeino. There are DNT cabins along the way and some emergency shelters, so we are basically just walking from cabin to cabin. When we have these opportunities, we try to make full use of it for our own luxury. One of the things we often … Continue reading Cinnamon rolls