After several days of walking, we have reached Dovrefjell national park. This is a marvelous place, with wide and flat valleys everywhere. The paths here are well used and the terrain makes it a very easy place to hike around in. Dovrefjell is also home to a large group of muskoxen and if you are here for a few days, you are bound to see some. Just take care to stay well clear of these animals. They are usually calm animals, that can seem slow and bulky. But do not be deceived by this appearance, cause they can charge if you get to close and you will have a hard time trying to outrun this steamroller of an animal. Just stay a minimum of 200 meters away and you will be okay.


Dovrefjell at it’s best
Some muskoxen relaxing in the sun
Jan is tryning to film the muskoxen from a safe distance


Arriving at the DNT cabin “Åmotdalshytta”



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