Manhood challenge from hell

Most people who are crossing the length of Norway at this time of year, usually take the route via Sweden, bypassing the entire bit of Norwegian terrain between Sulitjelma and Narvik. The reason is simple, even in the summer, staying on the Norwegian side of the border is a big challenge because of the difficult terrain. Doing it in the middle of the winter is an even harder and downright dangerous undertaking. Going up and down steep summits that sometimes are at a 45-degree angle, is a death wish in regard to avalanches and other safety issues. Adding to the difficulty, we have with us 200 kg of equipment and supplies for 30 days that we have to get through this terrain. This is truly a manhood challenge from hell. Lucky for us, the winter has been bad in regard to the amount of snow, so the avalanche danger is almost non-exciting at this point.

The DNT cabin “Sorjushytta”. The last cabin for many weeks

It is cold and windy but spirits are high
The glacier “Blåmannsisen” (Blue Man’s ice)

Jan admiring the glacier
We need crampons to get up the steep mountain sides
Yes! one challenge done, probably a hundred more to go…
The winter has been bad, 50% less snow than usual
Tent life in temperatures ranging from -10 to -30 ºC
Welcome to the wilderness of ice!


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