Polar circle and blizzard

After a few days rest at the DNT cabin “Bolnastua”, we continued our journey northward, passing into “Saltfjellet” national park and also crossing the polar circle! A new milestone achievement! If you follow the marked path into Saltfjellet, you will get to small hut right at the polar circle, where you also will find a sign that officially marks the polar circle. Staying overnight at the simple hut, we continued to the cabin “Krukkistua”, which is an old and historic cabin that was used by the telegraph companies in the old days. This cabin has the most “soul” of any cabin that we have visited so far on our journey. This was therefore a perfect place to stay 3 days, since the very next day a full out blizzard hit, making impossible to continue. Having plenty of food and snacks, these days were nice and relaxing. Nothing beats the feeling of being inside, listening to the weather raging outside!

Wonderfull sunset
The small hut at the polar circle
Wohoo! polar circle baby!
Another amazing sunset, a day before the blizzard hit
A door has been used for one of the beds
Relaxing at the cabin “Krukkistua”

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