UFO’s and great friends

In a remote valley in Norway there is a world leading science project going on. For many decades there have been sightings of unexplained lights throughout the valley of Hessdalen. In 1983 a science project was established to look in to these strange phenomenon’s and since then there have been hundreds of documented sightings (both photographed and filmed). The college of Østfold is leading this project and each year they take field trips to Hessdalen with high-tech equipment. The college even has a course that involves the study of these phenomenon’s. The project is world leading, as there are no other project in the world that have a science project like this. 
There are some theories to what causes these phenomenon’s, but they are absolutely not related to extraterrestrials. We spoke with both students and the professors behind the project and it was really interesting to see how they worked. We got a visit from a bunch of friends and together we tried to spot these UFO’s, but we had no luck this time. For more info about the project go to the following link  
One of 3 research facilities on 3 different mountain tops


Talking with the students operating the Equipment
Not this kind of UFO
But we imagin that if extraterrestrials where real, the probing would not be pleasant


Talking with the professors behind the Project


Time for dinner!


Well, is this a sausage party?


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