Gourmet dinner

Since we started the third part of our journey, we have been carrying a shotgun for hunting. The problem is that most of the land we have been walking in, is privately owned and therefore difficult to obtain a hunting license for the areas. We have been waiting for us to enter land that is owned by the state, where the hunting licenses are publicly available. Those areas are still a long way ahead of us and we have given up hopes of having a dinner made of wild meat. But today we were extremely lucky, two times lucky in fact! We met a local hunter who gave us a ptarmigan that he killed that same day. A couple of hours later we met yet another hunter who gave us two more, so that we could have a real dinner for three persons! Talk about lucky! That evening we slaughtered the birds and made a gourmet dinner right inside the tent. No five-star restaurant can beat the feeling of making such a wonderful dinner in such spartanic condition.  

Anders is super excited! 

Anders is breasting the bird

Jan is making a sause that Marike fancies a lot 

Obelix also likes the smell

Have I told that Jan loves the taste of meat? 

Meat and alot of butter, a recipe for success!

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