Interview and great food

We are now camping just a few hundred meters from the border to Sweden. On this soon to be crowning achievement, two journalists are joining us for two days. These are not the local newspaper journalists, but they are from the most renowned newspaper in Norway; Dagens Næringsliv. They are making a story for their outdoors magazine and they find our trip very interesting. As a surprise we got hold of some reindeer meat and carried a bunch of wood 12 kilometres up to the camp before they arrived. Making a cooking pit is an easy and good way to prepare food outdoors and Jan is very good at this. Everything came out perfect, no one could manage better in a normal kitchen. The journalist naturally where surprised that we went through such an effort and the of course loved this evening dinner.    

Store Sylen mountain top, where the border to Sweden is situated

Jan is turning the tables around and interviewing the journalists 

Jan is preparing the reindeer meat

Everyone is waiting for the dinner to finish

Perfect result

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