Amazing rocks

Persfjord and the surrounding area is an amazing place, just out of this world. You can clearly see the evidence of the post-glacial rebound (the rise of the landmass after the last ice age) by all the old beaches that stretches from todays sea level and many hundreds of meters up mountain sides. Another unique feature around here are the amazing rock formations. The rocks are sticking out from the ground in jagged formations all along the coastal line and it makes for a real strange and alien scenery. Taking a trip by car from Vardø to Persfjord and Hamningberg is well worth the time, you will definitely not regret it.

It is nice not having to think about the snow conditions
People used to lived all along the cost here, but now there are no one left
Some of the strange rocks you find here
Amazing rock formations and the people here have used it to shelter their cabin from the wind
This rock is called the wolf and it’s easy to see why
One of the old beaches that shows the post-glacial rebound

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