End of the road

Yes! We have reached Vardø after almost 15 months on the road! For the last 5 days we have had the chance to relax and had plenty of time to check out the city of Vardø. We visited the Vardøhus Fortress, which is the northernmost star fort in the world. And right next to the fortress you have the witch trials memorial center, which is a memorial to the 91 people who were burned at the stakes in Vardø during the 17th century. Right outside Vardø you have a famous bird island called Hornøya, which is the home to 40 000 seabirds. It is one of the largest colonies of seabirds in Norway, so it is well worth a visit. We took it one step further and went diving with guillemots, right next to the island! This was a wonderful experience and you can see the guillemots swimming and diving right next to you. We also took a road trip to Hamningberg, which is called “the end of Europe” and also “the end of the world”. This is were the road to Vardø peninsula ends and it also takes you past Persfjord (where we came down from the mountains) and you can experience the amazing landscape that I wrote about in the blog post about Persfjorden. At Hamningberg you also have a small and abandoned fishing village, that has been taken well care of. And in the summer you can rent apartments here and there is a restaurant that is open. In short, the few days we have been here, have been spent well and we have enjoyed every bit of it.


View towards the island of Vardø

Inside the Vardøhus fortress
A small ceremonial to our great achievement, standing beside the statue of the king
Testing the old cannons
The witch trial memorial
Inside the memorial you will find the transcript for every trial where a person was condemned to be burned
Going diving with the Guillemots
Guillemots everywhere!

Hamningberg, end of the road, end of Europe and end of the world
End of Europe

There is a tonn of street art in Vardø. It is well worth exploring the streets and back alleys of Vardø

The last day in Vardø


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