Varangerøya national park

We are going fast and hard, so to reach Vardø before the snow conditions become more awful than they already are. Rivers and streams are opening up almost beneath our feet as we go along. So we cover around 40 km each day, so to not become trapped by flooding rivers. In just 3 days we crossed the Varangerøya national park and are finally on dry ground. Arriving at the northern end of the Varanger peninsula, at a place called Persfjord, from here we can walk on the road the last part to Vardø.

Not much snow in the low lands

The midnight sun has arrived for the first time!
Droping our tent, we are now just using tarps to save weight
Yet another place with no snow

When there is no snow, we have to hike normaly with all the equipment on our backs
We can finally see the coast
Yes! We have arrived at Persfjord and we don’t have to worry about the snow conditions anymore


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