Another mining town

The weather has improved enough for us to continue northward and our next destination is Skorovatn. Skorovatn is an old mining town, just like Knaben, that we visited earlier this year (Read the blog post here). The mine was active from 1952 until 1984. In the earlier years the extraction of pyrite was the main and only income source. Pyrite was used in the production of sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide. In later years the profit of mining pyrite diminished, and the mine started extracting copper and other minerals. This decision made it possible to run the mine for a few more years. but the profit margin was not good enough and the mine closed in 1984.

Skorovatn had about 600 to 700 inhabitants at its peak production. Since the closure this number has dwindled to only 19 inhabitants. But luckily, most of the houses are taken well care of.

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