Land of the Aurora

We have been walking in snow for many days now and for each day as we go further north, the snow gets deeper and deeper. We counteract this by finding forest roads that still is kept free from snow. It is still hard work, since most of these roads are not connected with each other and we must go of track through the forest and snow to get to the next road. We could have done it easy and just walked the E6 highway, but we want to keep as far away as possible from the main roads and traffic. But yesterday we decided to walk a couple of kilometres on the E6 to get to this place, the gateway to the north og Norway! After almost a 1 000 kilometer by foot, we are officially in Nordland and the north of Norway, land of the Aurora!

Nordlandsporten, the gateway to the north
Wilson at Nordlandsporten
Proud to have led my forces (mules) here


All are excited about our achievement
The winter is beatifull

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