Spring has arrived

When the spring arrives here in the north, it arrives fast. We have gone from full winter to almost full summer in just a week. Some places we have skied more on dry ground than on snow. This has led us to drop a lot of equipment, so that we have the possibility to pack everything in our backpacks and go by feet, rather than skis when we need to. We must hurry, cause the lack of snow is the least of our problems, flooding rivers is a far bigger problem. To much water and current will make it to dangerous for us to do river crossings. Let’s hope the winter can hold on a little bit longer…

View towards the Porsanger fjord, that we crossed by boat

Jan skied over this area just 30 minutes ago!
Not much snow here…
Jan is wondering how to do this river crossing

This is how the spring is, a lot of water

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