Row, Row, Row Your Boat

After reaching Nordkapp, we returned to a coastal settlement called Repvåg. Here we had left some of our equipment before going out the Nordkapp plateau. We had chosen this place not only for the ease of storing equipment, but also to be able to achieve another big goal; crossing the Porsanger fjord. This is a stretch of about 20 km that we wanted to cross in a small row boat. While we were going to Nordkapp we got some local people to arrange a boat for us, and in Repvåg we got an extra safety boat that could follow us the whole way. Timing both weather, wind and tide, we started 02:00 in the morning and crossed the fjord in about three to four hours. Another mile stone achievement! Not many other people can say they have done the same while being on a trip like this! As a side note, the Porsanger fjord is the forth longest fjord in Norway. So, we can now claim to have conquered both the longest (Sognefjorden) and the forth longest fjord in Norway.

Leaving Repvåg
The rainbow shows itself
The sun is already up at 02:30, not long until the midnight sun!

Our safety boat and our new Russian friend
Our boat was so small that our safety boat could bring it back like this


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