Arrival Kautokeino!

Yes! Finally here! Kautokeino! The last days have been super speedy for us. The terrain has become super flat and there are a lot of snowmobile tracks that we can follow, so we have been doing between 30-40 km each day! We will now take two or three days here, resupplying and fixing some things, before we continue towards Nordkapp. Needless to say, people are as always friendly and helpful, so we get everything we need without any big problems. Kautokeino is a rather strange place in some ways. 90% off the population is of Sami heritage and many still are in the business of reindeers. You can see this everywhere you walk, almost every house has reindeer meat hanging out side for drying and many even have live reindeer in their back yard. It’s really a fun experience going around here!

A last amazing sun set before we arive in Kautokeino
The sami people let us use this small cabin for a night
The terrain around here is flat but we managed to find a place with a nice view
Obelix knows how to chill
Beautiful view towards the center of Kautokeino

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