Arrival Sulitjelma!

Battling some days of heavy winds, but also some days with awesome weather, we have finally have arrived at Sulitjelma. This is a small town that was a booming mining town back in the days. This is in fact the third mining town we have visited during our trip so far. Unlike the other mining towns we have been to, this place still have people living here. The people here are very friendly, and the hospitality is over and beyond anything. An elderly and lovely couple let us stay for free in a house that they own! So now we are going staying here for a week and do some proper relaxing. The local news paper has been very interested in us and we have already been interviewed two times, so we expect a big article in the news paper soon. Even though we are relaxing, we are at the same time getting ready for the next leg of the journey. This will be the hardest and longest part so far. We expect to be out in the wilderness for at least 30 days, with no connection to the outside world. This means that the blog will not be update for a while, but I will come back as soon as possible!

Heavy winds, but we have no problem going on
Arrival at Sulitjelma
You can see signs of the mining activity everywhere
There is all kinds of interesting graffiti around here

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