Part 3 of our amazing journey

We have had a fantastic week in Eikesdalen, pizza, cake and friends is always a good recipe for a good time. Our time here is now over and we have started on our third part of our amazing and wonderful journey through Norway. From Eikesdalen we will walk by foot, until the winter comes along. The route will take us through some of the finest national parks in Norway and we are very excited about this part of the trip. We are starting our trip with 35-40 kg backpacks and it will take some time to our bodies to adjust to this new load, but we are confident we will manage. From Eikesdalen we are walking over the mountains towards Aursjøen lake and from there onwards to Dovrefjell national park.    

Eikesdalen is full of old and mystical trees

Going up 1000 meters from Eikesdalen

It does not need to be a national park to be beautiful

I’m just loving this


Mushroom straight from the forest 

Jan found blueberries 😀

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