Pizza and cake

Eikesdalen is a small but magnificent valley and we are planning on staying here for a week or so, before we start part 3 of our journey through Norway. Many of our friends will come by and stay with us for a while, so this week is going to be awesome. Since we are staying here for some time, we started building a new pizza oven, so that we can feed everyone with delicious stone baked pizza. These ovens are fairly easy to build if you find the right stones and they function almost as good as a normal oven. Besides making a huge load of pizza during the week, Jan also tested the oven to the max by baking 7 cakes in one evening. You just can’t beat this feeling when you are outside and can make so much delicious stuff!

A perfect pizza oven

Another perfect camp spot

Visiting Mardalsfossen together With our friend Marike

Jan is making cake!

Everyone is excited!
The first ones are a little burnt on topp, but after a little adjustment the result is perfect

Jan is making pizza 

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