Glorious sunrise: Video

Today me and Jan decided to walk Romsdalseggen and then find a spot to film the sunrise over the Troll wall. Jan packed up 25 kg of gear and set of on a trip that would take 10 hours and 16 km to complete. To be able to film the sunrise, we had to sleep over in the mountain and get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to set up the gear. It’s hard doing this and staying focused after the 10 hour hike the day before, but the reward was priceless. When we woke up it seemed that our effort had been in vain, the clouds was blocking out the sun. To our luck the clouds started to break up and the light started to play along the mountain side like waves. What an amazing experience! The timelaps that Jan made can be seen here.

07 DCS_5306
Romsdalen is just magical…
07 DCS_5307
Just started our hike over Romsdalseggen
07 DCS_5325
Sunset in the evening from our camp

07 DCS_5335

07 DCS_5343
The great Romsdalshorn

07 DCS_5339

07 DCS_5364
Picture of the amazing sunrise on the Troll wall
07 DCS_5370
I’m happy with the result this hike gave us
07 DCS_5373
Vengetinene mountain

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