Ice fishing the comfy way

Ice fishing is one great way to get fresh and healthy food during winter expeditions, when you mostly live of dried foods. So when the weather forecast told us there was going to be a day with perfect weather, we decided to take a day of and do some ice fishing. And what better way to do ice fishing than right from inside the tent. Just place the tent on the ice and drill a hole inside the entrance and you can fish right from your sleeping bag. I can recommend having a small bell attached to the rod, cause then you can fish when you are sleeping. We woke up 7:45 in the morning to the sound of a 750 gram trout one the hook. No better way to wake up than that!

Later in the day me and Jan did some alpine touring, so that Jan could test his new randonee equipment. There are not many high peaks or slopes on Hardangervidda, but it’s still very nice to check out the low peaks that are there and you get a breathtaking view from almost anywhere.  

Fantastic weather and views


Perfect camping spot for ice fishing

Anders is worshipping the sun god 😛

The catch of the day

Jan is preparing a meal fit for a king


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