Staying at Norway’s coolest cabin

Before we head directly to Songnefjorden, where we have our kayaks are stored, we are going to cross Hallingskarvet, one of Europe’s largest mountain plateaus. We are now staying at a cabin called Skarvereiret (Translated it would mean the Cormorants nest), which is placed on top of a 150 meter high cliff, overlooking Hardangervidda and the surrounding area. The cabin is very small and very simple, but it fits our taste perfectly. The cabin was originally built in the 1940s by the Norwegian philosopher and mountain climber Arne Næss, who brought up all the material by himself. This definitely has to be Norway’s coolest cabin.
Some places we had to carry our equipment through the terrain

It took us some hours to get through the boulder field

When arriving at the cabin, we had to remove a lot of snow

Jan is making an awesome Beef Stroganoff

When you not have eaten freshly made dinner for a long time, this is how it feels… 

150 meters straight down…

This must be the coolest cabin in Norway

Obelix watching down the cliff

Amazing view towards Hardangervidda

Anders and Obelix on the cabin roof

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