Arrival Romsdalen!

Yes! We are finally here! Romsdalen! Another idyllic and fairytale like place. We will stay at Soggebru camping for over a week and use this as base for further exploration of the mountains and valleys around here. Romsdalen is a Mecca for BASE jumping and Anders is finally going to use his BASE equipment that he has been dragging along all summer. To get to Soggebru, we had to paddle the river Rauma upstream for 7 km. After 2 exhausting hours, we got ashore at this small and old fashioned camping. The camping has been used by BASE jumpers for years and when we got there we were greeted by a legend in the BASE community, Norway’s oldest BASE jumper, Tore Nagel. Tore is not far from turning 70, he has cancer and smokes like a chimney and he is still actively jumps of cliffs. This guy is a legend and he brings a lot of laughter where ever he goes, a perfect person to have in camp for a week.

04 DSC_4288
Paddling upstream, with the mountain peaks Bispen (the bishop), Kongen (the king) and Dronninga (The Queen) in the back
04 DSC_4294
Arrival at Soggebru
04 DSC_4299
Anders and Tore Nagel having a good laugh together
04 DSC_4315
Breathtaking views towards the Troll wall
06 DCS_5217
The mountains in Romsdalen are amazing. This is behind the Troll wall

06 DCS_5227

06 DCS_5232
How can this stand by itself?
05 DSC_4349
Jan is ready for some BASE jumping action

05 DSC_4361

06 DCS_5282
Anders tanking the adrenaline plunge!
05 DSC_4380
Anders packing his gear

05 DSC_4389

05 DSC_4390
Beautiful evening at Soggebru
06 DCS_5297
Sunset over Romsdalshorn
08 DCS_5381
Another day og BASE jumping
08 DCS_5384
Daniel and Michael have come along to play

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