Romsdalen Next

Hellesylt has been great and we have enjoyed our stay at this idyllic place. Our trip is far from over so we have now set our sights on our new destination, which is Romsdalen. This trip will probably take a little over a week to complete and our first camp is at a place called Oaldsbyda, a small community of mountain farms that were abandoned in the 60s and 70s. Luckily people still take care of these old and iconic farms. The weather was so good that we decided to ditch the tent and just sleep under the open sky. From Oaldsbyda you can also look straight over at Åkerneset, which is a big mountain side that is threatening the whole region by sliding in to the sea. This potential disaster has been used as the plot for the Norwegian disaster movie “The Wave”, which I personally think beats most of the disaster rubbish that Hollywood makes. More info about the movie can be found here. And more info about the mountain side can be found here.

Leaving Hellesylt

Sleeping under the stars

Åkerneset, a disaster waiting to happen

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