2 out of 4

West Cape is finally conquered, which means that we now have been to twoout of the foreextreme points in Norway! The hike to West Cape from Selje is beautiful, but also very long. It’s took us over 12 hours to walk the 30 kilometers to the Cape from Selje. We arrived 3 o’clock at night in full storm. The wind was blowing so hard that we could not pitch the tent on the rocky ground. So we had to improvise and broke inn to a storage shed belonging to a closed down tourist center. The shed was the perfect size for two sleeping bags and a dog. I remained outside to watch the weather. 

Jan is a bit annoyed with my constant shouting 

One of the mountain tops half way to the Cape 

At the kings cross. Here one of the great viking kings christened 4 counties in the year 997. This is also the place where they took their ships over land…

At West Cape


Dangerous waters


Please don’t drop me! I hate being lost at sea…

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