Ready to conquer West Cape

We have arrived at Selje, the last town we will visit before we get to the mostwesterly point of mainland Norway. Our plan was to paddle around West Cape, but these are the most dangerous waters in Norway. Thevikings would take their ships over land to avoid going around West Cape by sea. The county is evenplaning onmaking the worlds firs ship tunnel here, to make it safer for both big and small ships to pass these treacherous waters (Read all about it here). There are only a few days each year where it is possible to go relatively safely around the cape by kayak and we got here one day too late to be able to make it. So we did like the vikings and got our kayaks to the other side via land and made our way back to Selje to walk the 30 kilometers to West Cape.

Perfect laguna-like beach in Selje

Obelix is exited that he actually is allowed in to the local pub

We have camped in the local park, next to the beach

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