BASE jumpers paradise

Sognefjorden is the worlds largest ice free fjord in the world. From the ocean to the furthest point inland the fjord is 205 km long. We have decided to paddle it all the way to the end and all the way back to the ocean. Sognefjorden is made up of a large number of other fjords and we will be visiting some of those along the way. The first fjord we are going to is Nærøyfjorden, where you will find Gudvangen, one of Norways BASE jumping paradises.

Bear Grylls and survivorman always gives the impression that it is very hard surviving outdoors. We know that surviving outdoors can be wonderful and fun, you just need to know how. We always try to make good food and make the best out of every camp spot. At our camp spot in Nærøyfjorden we built our own stone oven, where we made stone oven pizza, our specialty 😀

It does not take long to make a stone oven

In the old days many people lived on mountain farms like this

This is the life

Making scrambled eggs With pizza leftovers


Rock avalanches are a common site in Gudvangen
And snow avalanches are also common during the winter and spring

Sheep have been keept as livestock around here for centuries

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