Storage shed hotel

We got a tip from some locals that the local youth camp at Knaben had some shelters up in the mountains. We headed that way to see if we could make use of the shelters for one night. After battling through a blizzard for many hours, we finally got to the mountain camp. But all the shelters were nailed shut, something that seemed very smart, since there was 3 meters of snow in front of the shelters. After checking around, we found a storage shed that had not been nailed shut. I commanded my two mules to start digging and after almost 2 hours we were in. Since the shed had snow up till it’s roof, we did not feel or hear anything of the blizzard raging outside during the night.    
Working our way up and away from Knaben

Showing the way

It’s important to have the right tools for the job

I don’t think we should sleep tonight…
Obelix not to keen about his accommodation

Finally inside

I love it when the sun is shining

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