Heading towards Haukeliseter

After staying at Eftestøl for 3 nights, we now start heading towards Haukeliseter. The snow conditions are not great, but more than good enough to start using our skiing equipment. Our main problem now is that we have to go around every lake, since the ice is very treacherous and unreliable right now. This makes progress a little slow, but we hope the ice condition will be much better when we gain some more height and go further inland. But spirits are still high and we got a big box of chocolate cake before we left Eftestøl, yummy!



Trying to talk to Obleix about what “walking in line” means


Jan trying to signal something, probably “I’m an idiot”


Nothing is like a camp fire at the end of a long day


What’s the problem, this was way to easy…


Jan making a real power breakfast


Beans, eggs, bacon and dried sheep meat


The winter has been bad

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