Land of the sami people

We have now nearly crossed Blåfjella–Skjækerfjella National Park and we are so lucky with the weather, only one day of really bad weather for the last week. For the most part we have had sunny blue skies and nice temperatures. We can feel the onset of winter, cause every day after sunset the temperature goes well below 0 ºC. Since we touched the Swedish border some weeks ago, we have been in the ancestral lands of the sami people. They are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia and they use the lands from here and all the way north for reindeer herding. A bit modernized they have become over the years and they use modern equipment, like helicopters and ATV’s for the herding. We were so lucky to see them in action using a helicopter to collect and control a big herd of reindeers.


My mule is still going strong…
It’s not long before the winter is here
The modern way of herding reindeer


View towards Blåfjella (Blue mountains)


Not a rainbow, but a fogbow




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