Birdman Farm

The farm that Jan Arne comes from is called the Birdman farm. BASE jumpers have for years been jumping of the big cliff that they have in their back yard. Each year there is two official BASE jumping events going on here. First you have the X2 festival in April and then you have the world championship (The World BASE Race) in July. Jan and his parents very warm and welcoming and let everyone stay at their property for free. They even open up their house so that people can shower and even sleep there if needed. They do not charge anything for the event to take place there and always permits the landing and use of helicopter in the execution of the competition.

This year is the same procedure as every other year, putting up a big tent, giving free access firewood (a big bonfire is important), making food and ensuring that people are having a good time. Like last year, I made DJ Janssen play Saturday, ensuring good vibes the whole evening and night. 

DJ Janssen bringing the tunes

The winners of WBR 2017

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