Gourmet dinner

It has been a few days since we left Sognefjorden and started paddling our way north along the coastline. The weather has been mostly fine and we are enjoying this new kind of scenery. Yesterdaywe arrived at a beautiful island called Svanøy. At this place they have a deer breeding facility which is Norway’s leading research facility fordeer. At this place you can learn almost any thing that there is to know about this animal. The nice thing for us is that you also can buy fresh meat here, which we did. So this evening we made the best steak ever, right in our tent! Red wine was of course mandatory for a gourmet dinner like this.

The weather will change soon I predict…
Some wild sheep running around on one of the small islands

Dear steak, yumy!

Everything you need for a gourmet dinner, wine, potatos, meat and butter

Oh yes!

I will kill you if you try eating my steak…

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