Arriving at Aurlandsvangen

After many days with very high temperatures and awesome weather, we finally arrive in Aurlandsvangen. The last day was challenging physically, since we had to walk the last 10 km on foot. The 13 km after our last camp we could do normally on skis, since the terrain declined at a slow rate and we had enough snow for a good while. But since it is spring, the snow is only remaining above 1000 meters, so when we got below that height we had to start walking. We had to overfill our backpacks to get with us all our equipment, so it was hard work walking 10 km after 13 km on skis. For me it was very hard yelling at the two mules for hour after hour, trying to make them go faster.

We arrived very late in the evening, beat down and tired. To our luck we got to stay at a luxurious seaside cabin. The cabin is owned by a nice family in Aurlandsvangen that stored our kayaks for the last months until we would arrive here. People around here are so super nice, it makes our trip so much more fun and awesome.
Great view, but we still have many hours left to get down

Oh yes! almost there !

Luxurious Living Arrangements

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