On the road for exactly 2 months

Today we have been on our great expedition for exactly 2 months. Time flies and we have already experienced so many wonderful and exiting things, it’s so nice to know that we still have over a year ahead of us to more of this stuff. To celebrate the day, we decided to see if we could get a good lunch at a DNT staffed lodge (Geiterygghytta) that we were going to pass during the day. When we arrived at the lodge, we got told by the staff that they were in the process of closing down for the season. I got my ninja conversation skills out and had a chat with the lovely hostess of the lodge. After some well placed compliments (and telling her about our 15 month trip through Norway), she got the chef to mix together a lunch of what they had left. The chef did not disappoint and brought us four big salmon steaks on a bed of fried vegetables. This is a meal fit for hard working explorers like us. Not only that, we even got double dessert! Apple cake and chocolate cake! Many thanks to the staff at the lodge for their fantastic hospitality.       

I’m teaching Jan all about filming, maybe Hollywood is nex?  

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