Walking on Norways largest hydro energy storage

On our route to Haukeliseter we had to pass Norway’s largest rockfill dam. It is 90 meters high and a staggering 1.4 kilometres wide (!). The total mass of the dam consists of 9.7 million cubic meters of rockfill. The whole thing, with all the powerlines running besides it, makes it look like some kind of troll prison.
The dam, together with 13 other, houses the lake Blåsjø. The lake is both the largest hydro energy storage and the largest artificial lake in Norway. On our route, we had to cross it, which took us a couple of hours. The route over the lake has been marked out with stakes, so that one avoids going near any of the inlet tunnels that feeds the power plants or any other parts of the lake that might be unsafe. Many of the DNT cabins around the lake have charts that show the unsafe parts of the lake, so there are plenty of possibilities to go around freely on the ice. One just needs to take care when entering the ice near the shoreline, since there usually will be big cracks in the ice because of the changing water level.

Danger, look out for cracks

The dumbass goes first to test the ice

The water level has decreased some meters since the ice first formed

The lake is huge and takes hours to go across

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